Start your healthy lifestyle

Dustie originated in Sweden, we are professional in the design and manufacture of precision filtration systems, filters, sterilization, dehumidification and air heating systems. Providing you a complete and advanced comfortable indoor solution.Nowadays, healthy diet has become the top priority of the everyday life,Based on Dustie Smart Cooking Station’s intelligent cooking solution, ingredients are cooked in the right time with right temperature while the cooking fumes can be eliminated. This will create a more relaxed and pleasant cooking environment for your home.

Air Cleaner
Feel the taste of nature
DAC700 Air Cleaner
Fresh air is everywhere,Dustie DAC700 Air Cleaner with 728m³/h ultra-high clean air volume and precision filtration, More quiet and durable,Recommended by the Swedish Asthma Association
Air Sanitizer
Safe sterilization to protect your family
DAS180 Air Sanitizer
Active ultraviolet sterilization program plus high-efficiency filter and ozone O₃ generator, DAS180 air sanitizier can quickly kill the virus and bacterials in the air,more safe and more efficient
Rotary Dehumidifier
Farewell compressor
Comprehensive upgrade of overall performance
DDH600 Dehumidifier
Compared with the previous generation, the dehumidification capacity of DDH600 flagship rotary dehumidifier has increased by 50%, and one is equivalent to 1.5; The machine body is smaller and lighter, the floor area is saved by 36%, the wind speed is increased by 40%, the air volume is increased by 70%, and the noise is lighter, making the dehumidification of the room more comfortable and efficient.
Smart Cooking Station
New generation cooking solution
Smart Cooking Station
Easy to make noodles, minced stuffing, steaming, whipping cream, simmering jam, making meat floss, making desserts, baby food, low-temperature cooking