Dustie DAS180 Air Sanitizer
Fast sterilization,Eliminate odor
Flagship air sanitizer
Adopting 254+185nm combined UV-C ultraviolet solution can remove bacteria and microorganisms in the air for a long time. The air volume can reach more than 60m³/h, and the sterilization rate can easily reach more than 99% in an environment of 30-40m³.OLED display, with multiple operation modes.
Performance parameter
Power consumption(W):10Filter:Have
Wind speed gear:Three sectionsBeep:Have
Ultraviolet rays:254+185mmTiming:Smart timing
O₃HavePackage weight(kg):2.9
OLED display:HavePackage Size(mm):290*290*H330
Deodorization and purification:HaveColour:Champagne gold
Negative ion:-
Initial filtration:-
Product Size