Dustie DK6 Air Cleaner
Solid foundation,Real but not flashy
Living room air cleaner
600m³/h clean air output, can quickly remove PM2.5 and other particulate pollutants in the air, VVTF variable wind speed turbulence technology, clean no dead ends, exclusive cleaning mode, worry-saving and labor-saving, can provide 30 minutes of non-constant air flow, clean the room air.
Performance parameter
Particle CADR:600m³/hAir quality display:-
Application area:42-72m²Sensor:-
Particle CCM:P4Negative ion:-
Formaldehyde CCM:F4Ambient Light:-
Formaldehyde CADR:>400m³/hParticle purification energy efficiency:High efficiency
Sterilization rate:-Formaldehyde purification energy efficiency:High efficiency
Formaldehyde Filter:OptionalPower consumption(W):61
Filter form:Composite filterPackage weight(kg):13.8
Timing:2/4/8/12HPackage Size(mm):455*388*H595
Automatic mode:-Colour:Silver
Product Size