Intelligent frequency conversion temperature control for heating and cooling, which can be used at will throughout the year

Dustie Air fan can rotate simultaneously up and down, left and right to supply air flow, so that the coverage is greatly improved, Equipped with touch control button and remote control, easy to control, easy to use. Suitable for all seasons.

Bladeless turbo fan technology, producing strong air flow.

Dustie cool and heat fan Using the principle of jet turbofan engine, the “Kanda effect” is produced by inhaling air and compressing it,Create a natural soft wind evenly without fan blades. Strong but comfortable air flow ensures the best air cooling or heating performance.

Sterilization, deodorization, and smoke removal, built-in polymer decomposition module, blowing out a clean and healthy wind

Dustie cool and heat fan,Built-in ENA polymer smoke and bacteria removal material module,The cigarette smoke and bacteria removal materials are sprayed and volatilized to all corners of the room through the air flow, fundamentally decompose cigarette smoke, eliminate bacteria and remove odors.

Super wide angle and strong air flow

Due to the design of simulating the turbofan engine of the aircraft, the machine can compress and output quite strong air flow. At the same time, it can perform up and down, left and right three-dimensional rotation, 360 degree full coverage. It takes only 3 minutes to finish a cycle of indoor air circulation.

Air supply distance
Wind speed
DC frequency conversion ultra-quiet, no blades, low center of gravity, quiet and safe, perfect integration of modern home design.

Dustie cool and heat fan,equipped with a DC variable frequency induction motor, coupled with a bladeless turbofan design for vibration reduction and noise reduction, greatly reduces wind noise.The air outlet is only 0.7mm, and it is difficult for the baby’s fingers to pass, and the low center of gravity is not easy to be pushed down. More safe for families with kids and babies. The magnetic remote control, easy to use and control, the sleek design is perfectly integrated with modern homes.

Dustie Cool Heat Air Fan