Never seen humidification efficiency
Humidification of the whole house with 2m fog

According to Dustie’s convective mixing humidification principle, the hot fog rises and the cold fog sinks. The measured 120 cubic meters (about 40 square meters) can achieve uniform humidification.

Sterilization, we’re serious
PTC heating high temperature sterilized

With PTC heating and high temperature sterilization technology, the inner cavity can reach 100 ℃, and the sterilization rate is more than 99%, opening a new chapter of healthy humidification.

Aromatherapy / water tank separation
Create a healthier atmosphere

There is no need to add essential oil to the water tank. The fragrance release cavity is designed to naturally disperse the fragrance in the air through the content fan, moisturizing and relaxing.

“Convective mixing” is more efficient
Sterilization heat humidification + high-energy ultrasonic

Eliminate the traditional single humidification method,Combined with the optimal scheme to realize the humidification of the whole house,Healthy sterilization, high efficiency and energy saving