Unique proactive closed air compartment UV-C sterilization technology for safe sterilization

Dustie is committed to creating highly effective sterilization and odor removal products based on advanced sterilization technology.Different from the traditional exposure UV sterilization method, the use of air circulation combined with 254nm or dual-band UV-C ultraviolet rays can kill the virus and bacterials in a closed air compartment.It is more safe to use and much more efficient.

No need to hide and step away while operating, more safe to use

Dustie DAS180 Air Sanitizer is equipped with 254nm+185nm combined UV-C ultraviolet technology, which can remove bacteria and microorganisms in the air for a long time. With micro gaseous decomposition technology, it can quickly reduce odors and pollutants in the air and add particulate matter filters, Reduce the risk of aerosol transmission, and take care of family respiratory health in all aspects.

With 3 presetting program,the air output can reach more than 60m³/h, which can sterilize efficiently and quickly.

Dustie DAS180 Air Sanitizer fits for 30-40m² indoor space,The sterilization rate can reach more than 99%.

Disinfection, sterilization, deodorization

Damp toilets, bathrooms, and kitchen sinks are not only prone to odors, but also more likely to become home for germs, Dustie DAS180 Air Sanitizer adopts a variety of sterilization solutions, which can eliminate and reduce the bacteria and virus in the air. Dustie, taking care of your family’s health in all aspects.(Data source: Dustie DAS180)

Escherichia coli removal rate >99.93%
H1N1 influenza A virus removal rate >99.99%
Enterovirus 71 Vero cell removal rate >99.75%
Small, light and efficient,Provide a variety of sterilization solutions,Can be used in many places for virus killing and bacterial removal.

Double band ( 254nm+185nm) UV-C ultraviolet, closed air compartment sterilization technology, trace gaseous decomposition technology and chlorine dioxide molecular decomposition technology. From the living room, bedroom, baby room to bathroom,stroage room, even traveling, different Dustie solutions can be applied to eliminate the bacteria and virus .

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