New experience of healthy intelligent kitchen
Dustiecook cooking series

DustieCook Steam Oven coordination Dustie Smart Cooking Station,Experience an unattended automatic cooking,Have a kitchen that no longer splashes oil fumes,The cooking process is no longer hot,Newcomers can also become chefs, which is the pursuit of DustieCook.

30 seconds of steam + 3D whirlwind baking requires no operation
Healthy cooking is more delicious

30 seconds of steam + 3D whirlwind baking requires no operation,Crisp outside and tender inside,Fresh and juicy,Keep the original flavor of the ingredients to the greatest extent, healthy, delicious and delicious.

20L desktop design
Easy to use, less space

Compared with the embedded oven, the compact volume will be used more frequently, with a width of 36.2cm and a golden size, which does not occupy space and is perfectly integrated with the kitchen.

Built-in 36 quick recipes
that can be steamed or baked to become a chef

DustieCook’s all-in-one steaming and grilling machine can steam, bake, and steam and grill in one. When paired with DustieCook’s Smart Cooking Station, it can easily handle Chinese food, Western food, and other healthy dishes.