Dustie, precision filtration solution for healthy home

Dustie air cleaner’s precision filtration solution. The filter is used in conjunction with ATS air-tight sealing technology to perfectly solve the problem of unfiltered air leakage. No air leakage is allowed in the system. The HEPA, high efficiency anti-allergic filter used can intercept and capture solid suspended pollutants and cigarette smoke as small as 0.1 microns, effectively filter allergens, reduce allergic symptoms.

Long-lasting and durable, say No to indoor air pollution.

In addition to the HEPA high-efficiency anti-allergic filter, it is also equipped with anti-bacterial anti-allergic filter layer, high-efficiency activated carbon filter, formaldehyde filter, etc.,It can effectively inhibit the bacteria and viruses attached to the dust to prevent the breeding, and it can also quickly remove odors, chemical, volatile, gaseous pollutants, formaldehyde, benzene, VOCS and other gaseous pollutants. Helps to protect people from dangerious and harmful chemical substances.

Precisely sealed system, equipped with high efficiency filter, providing effective care for air pollution sensitive people

The indoor air is filled with all kinds of bacteria and viruses, especially during the influenza season, it causes a lot of harm to infants, young children, the elderly and susceptible people. Dustie precision filtration solution can solve those problems for you.

We provide comprehensive recommendations for different environments and the needs of different people

In addition to the high efficiency filtration system of traditional air cleaner, we also provide different replaceable consumable solutions for our dehumidifiers and air sanitiziers which allow them to maintain the high performance at all times, and continue to care for the health of your family.

Filters and consumables