Dustie DHF100 Fan
Circulating heating and cooling,Sterilization
Bladeless Cool+Heat Air fan
Adopting a bladeless turbofan design, the “Kanda effect” is produced by inhaling air and compressing it, thereby creating a precise and uniform jet natural air, cooling and heating two output modes, and AI intelligent air output, even if summer has passed, winter It can also be used continuously, and the externally replaceable ENA polymer sterilization and deodorization module, with a light fragrance, also fundamentally removes and decomposes harmful substances.
Performance parameter
Rated voltage:220V~50HzMode:Cool/Heat
Rated heating power(W):1500Timing:Have
Fan power(W):50Automatic mode:Have
Standby power:<1Room temperature display:Have
Sterilization replacement kit:OptionalWind speed:Three sections
Head swing mode:Left and right/up and down (can be used at the same time)Size(mm):280*250*H370
Product Size